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Old 03-14-2017, 03:36 PM
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Default PKF - Unconfortable Mystery - A Morgue Extravaganza

PKF - Unconfortable Mystery - A Morgue Extravaganza

Nudity, Sexual Content, Crime Scene, Investigation, Postmortem Proceeders Evidence Collecting, Body Processing, Clothes Cutting, Rolling, Stages of Skin Discoloration, Body Views, Feet Examination, Feet Views, PKF

A young woman is murdered.
There is a crime scene. The CSI's mark and collect evidence.
At the lab, the body is pre-processed. Clothes are removed. Photos are taken.
In the annex room, the body lays while the investigators ask the morgue supervisor and her assistants for info. They go into great detail looking over the body, hypothesizing theories, and most importantly--finding evidence.
Later, the body is back in the lab for further evidence collection. Feet are and toenails are scraped. The nails are powdered and impressions are taken. Vaginal swaps are taken as well as a sex kit. Clipping of pubic hair are collected. Fingers are printed. Hair is combed through. Her tongue is examined. More swabs. Body rolled. Then, final processes are complete in prep fpr autopsy.

File Name: Unconfortable Mystery.wmv
Duration: 38min 40s
File Size: 510 MB
Resolution: 1280x720

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Old 03-14-2017, 03:36 PM
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Default PKF - Knife Fun 4 (Tessa, Ginger, Chloe, Viva, Whitney, Joey, Stacy Love, Kay)

PKF - Knife Fun 4 (Tessa, Ginger, Chloe, Viva, Whitney, Joey, Stacy Love, Kay)

Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Lots of Belly Stabbing, Lifting, Positioning, Posing, Body Body Views, Foot Views, Belly Views, Pussy Rubbing, Knife, Blonde, Massacre

This one in particular is all belly stabbings!!!
This is super HOT and SEXY!!!
There are 7 scenes starring each girl with 8 deaths total. One of the girls is in another scene so she dies twice. Stacy is a perp and does not die.
The stabbing are playful, sometimes serious, but heavily erotic in nature. Each girl has her own interpretation and all do a fantastic job. Gingers scene has a hardcore blowjob as well.
Lots of writhing, moaning, and orgasmic sounds.
There is some body play and positioning as well.
All girls get nice body pans afterwords.

File Name: Knife Fun 4.wmv
Duration: 33min 22s
File Size: 338 MB
Resolution: 1280x720

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Old 03-14-2017, 03:36 PM
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Default PKF - Life And Death 4 (Allie James)

PKF - Life And Death 4 (Allie James)

morgue, Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Stabbing, Morgue, Rolling, Lifting, Flopping, Body Washing, Foot Washing, Hair Washing, Foot Views, Necro Sex, Necro BJ, Cum Shot, Body Views, PKF

A young woman stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend. In the morgue the morgue tech and an medical in residency examine her. Later, when the tech leaves, the resident messes with the body.
If you liked the original "Life and Death", starring Jessika, "Life and Death II" starring Dixon, and "Life and Death III" with Viva, I am sure you will enjoy this. Allie does a wonderful job playing an innocent victim, and a corpse throughout the movie. Please enjoy.

She is on the phone, in a panic. The break up was bad and now she is worried and trying to find consolation with her girlfriend. But, that never happens. He is standing in front of her, takes the phone and looks deeply into her eyes. Then, the switchblade opens. She looks at him, he at her--then he plunges the blade into her belly.
When he removes it the blood flows out, making it all to real for her. She looks up, not knowing what to do---in disbelief that this could be happening to her. She looks up at him. He reassures her, then stabs her in the breast, the point of the knife angled just right, pierces her heart.
She has only seconds after he pulls the knife out, starts to open her mouth talk, but only blood comes out and she collapse to the floor. Dead.
He looks at what he has done, drops the knife in her pool pf blood and leaves.

In the morgue, she lays. Still in her clothes, bloody and very, very dead. It has been 24 hours. Rigor has past. The morgue tech and resident come in. He is in training, so the tech walks him through.
They cut off clothing, roll her, take pictures, measure wounds and comment on her condition.
The toe tag is added and they roll her completely over and check her further. Hair samples are taken. They roll her back and do a vaginal exam.
The tech decided to leave him on his own. She has had a series of problems with the residence, but feels this guy has potential.
Alone he takes this oppurtunity to give her a special exam. The gloves come off and he touches her cold corpse. She is beautiful in death. He cleans up her wounds, then gets himself read with her hand. He moves right to her mouth, posing her on the end of the table he is able to insert his member. He fucks her mouth several ways, but that is not enough. He wants to feel his cock throbbing inside her cold dead pussy.
He repositions her again and is fucking her. She is tight, cold and dead, but it feels so good to him and she is so hot. Her boobs jiggle as he pumps her. After a while he flips her over then fucks her doggie until finally spewing his load all over her ass.
Still in bliss, he is surprised by the tech as she comes in. She is shocked and he just plays it cool and blow out of there as she stares in disbelief.
Later, she washes the victim from head to toe, soaping her up and making sure that all parts are cleaned thoroughly. She even washes her hair.
Finally she is done and leaves the glistening body to air dry.

File Name: Life And Death 4.wmv
Duration: 38min 57s
File Size: 601 MB
Resolution: 1280x720

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Old 03-14-2017, 03:37 PM
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Default PKF - Grandmas House - Man undress and strangled with a rope Woman (Emma Beth)

PKF - Grandmas House - Man undress and strangled with a rope Woman (Emma Beth)

Fantasy Snuff, Strangled, Rope, Rape, teen

Emma arrived at her Grandma's house like she did every other day for the past several years. At just 18, Emma was a good girl, and smart, already having a scholarship to a the states prestigious university where she was going to be entering their medical program. Today, however, streets smarts would have been the best type of smarts to have, for when she knocked, the big bad wolf answered. An unknown male stranger opened the door and smiled at her---she trusted his story completely. Her grandma needed help and had a caregiver that attended to her needs 6 hours a day. Typically, it was a woman. Today it was a man, or so he told her. He was subbing for a few days...she believed him completely, which is why she did not anticipate what happened next.... He knocked the little bitch to the floor...oh my god, he could not believe his luck. After luring the 30 something caregiver lady to the shed and slicing her head open with a skill saw, he went back in and the grandma...too easy. He was just about to search for valuables when this girls knocked at the door. Oh my god, she was incredibly hot...and young. He really had no plan, no course of action--he'd usually watched a house for a few days, see the pattern--swooped in and out, sometimes leaving a body or two and move on. This was defiantly a bonus. With 4 hours left on the caregivers shift, he could take his time. He admired the young girl for a while, still in high school no doubt, looked brainy---probably the glasses. He leaned down, sniffing her slowly---oh, she smelled pretty. He moved up to her neck, sniffing her teenage scented body spray---bubblegum or sweet tangerine something or other. She had some glitter on too. Yum. He rolled her on her back and spent a long time feeling her body, first through the clothes, then slowly removing the them. At one point, he has to set her up to remove her shirt. Her skin was tan and soft to touch. He ran his tongue over her, finding her perky nipples and gently licking them. He wanted to take his time, savor it all. He removed her pants, the underwear. He looked at her pussy, then went down and had a taste. Finally, he rolls her over, unzips his pants and starts to have sex with the unconscious girl. Later, he picks her up and cradle carries her over to the chair--placing her nude body in it. He goes behind her and pulls out one of his favorite ligatures--wrapping it once around her neck. He gently wakes her up. She is petrified and cannot move or make barely a sound. She looks up at him in fear. He tells her what he did, just to help build up the terror--he liked terror. When he was ready, the ligature became tight and she became very, very mobile. She tried hard to fight, trying to dig her fingers on the cord, while attempting to get some leverage with her feet and legs. He stood strong, though, and held her tight with the cord--digging into her soft neck flesh. Her mouth wide open--tongue lashing for air, she kept struggling. Her eye, wide with terror, he could tell she wanted to live so, so much. He wanted her dead and did not let go. She fought hard, but was losing her energy...slower, slower she became. The look of terror became more of a plea and by the end it was of acceptance. She would die soon and there was nothing she could do. Though her mind had accepted her fate, her body fought on as best it could. Her legs kicked out--spasming along with quivers in her chest and arms. Finally she slowed way down until is was just light little jerks. Then, nothing. She was still. He removed the cord--the redness where it had been was very evident. He looked her her dead face...her eyes staring blankly back through her glasses. She did not move, no reaction. he had killed many times before, but this one was special, very special. He ran his hands along her body, at one point, he picked up her foot, feeling it, putting it against his chin. He picks her up and carried her around the room a bit, then heads of to Grandma's bedroom to spend the rest of his time with her.

File Name: Grandmas House.wmv
Duration: 32min 51s
File Size: 371 MB
Resolution: 640x480

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Old 03-14-2017, 03:37 PM
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Default PKF Studios - A group of prison hanging captives - Part 1 and 2

PKF Studios - A group of prison hanging captives - Part 1 and 2

prison, hanging, captives, fantasy snuff, PKF

A group of women have been kidnaped. They they try to flee, but their escape is cut short when their captores catch them. The group is re-caged. One by one they are removed from the cage, striped & hanged until they stop twitching - dead. Piss runs down from some, dribbling off their bare feet and spattering on the cold concrete below. So far, four girls, hang dead and there are still more girls in the cage-waiting-scared.

4 girls have been hung. 3 left. When the last girl is up, she puts up a fight knowing that this is it. Once she has hung to death, she pees, just like the girl before her. The girls are cut down & let flop to the ground. Then they are piled up in a giant 7 girl body pile. Piling the girls up gets Alex a bit worked up. So he grabs 1 & sticks his cock in her dead mouth & pussy.

File Name: The Hangers 1 - 24 -, The Hangers 2 - 24 -
Duration: 24min 16s
File Size: 254 MB
Resolution: 1280x720

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Old 03-14-2017, 03:37 PM
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Default PKF - Bank Heist - A man with pistol strangled pantyhose two girls and fuck their

PKF - Bank Heist - A man with pistol strangled pantyhose two girls and fuck their

pistol, pantyhose, strangled, necro, snuff movie, blonde, gun

A man, threatening with a pistol, forced pussy licking his girlfriend. Then pantyhose strangled one girl, then another on the sofa and fucked their bodies on the line

File Name: PKF-Bank Heist 2
Duration: 42min 59s
File Size: 1.72 GB
Resolution: 720x480

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Old 03-14-2017, 03:37 PM
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Default PKF - Violent Shooting

PKF - Violent Shooting

Mary worked in a small shop. Late in the evening he came to a thief with a gun and forced the young girl to strip naked, she vypolntla his order and did not prevent him to take away the goods. But the offender did not want to leave witnesses and beat her with a pistol. a lot of blood video.

File Name: Snuff Porn - 1.wmv | Duration: 7min 19s | File Size: 190 MB | Resolution: 720x480

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Old 03-14-2017, 03:37 PM
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Default Sex And Murder League 3

Sex And Murder League 3

murder, murder league

Raven is a League Queen unaware that she is being pursued by a Knight. She returns home to her apartment, strips off her stunning red and black clothing, revealing the knife she keeps in tucked in her stocking. Going into her bathroom for a shower, she sets the blade aside, and steps into the warm stream of water. As she luxuriates in the shower, the Knight who has been stalking her sees his chance. He breaks into the apartment, strips off his own clothing, and closes in on her in the shower.

File Name: Sex And Murder League 3.mp4
Duration: 16min 51s
File Size: 52.0 MB
Resolution: 448x336
Genre: rape, snuff, snuff fantasy, extreme porn

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necro porn, pkf studios, psycho-thrillers, snuff porn, snuff sex

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