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Default Handbook on porn terminology

Categories (genres) feature films
Feature (Story, Plot Based) – feature films with a plot. There is a clear storyline with action, drama and dialogues of the actors, which is inscribed sex scene.
Vignettes (Erotic Vignette, All Sex Vignettes, erotic sketch) – each scene is a separate story with a sound motivation under the General outline, may be characterized by a high artistic level of production.
Gonzo video shot in a reportage style. Scenes can be linked to any sign, idea, which is most often reflected in the name, or a very simple plot. For gonzo characteristic of a moving camera to create the effect of presence, interviews with artists, often the operator is a party to the sex scenes. The action takes place in real time, artists do not hide the presence of the camera, but rather can communicate with the audience.
POV (Point Of View) – Gonzo sub-genre, shooting style, in which the camera is at head level porn actor.
All Sex – full-length videos with sex scenes. Developed plot no scene can be linked in any characteristic or idea, which is often reflected in the title.
Compilation – a compilation of scenes previously unreleased. The best scenes of one of the actress, the Studio, the Director, a specific topic etc.
Interactive (Virtual) – DVD, while watching that the spectator can choose the position, angle, type of sex etc. are Shot in POV style.
Instructional (Guide) – training video.
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Default Quick reference of common genres sex scenes

All Girl / Lesbian video involving some girls, no boys
Alt Girls (Alt Porn, Alternative) - the video, which involved representatives of subcultures: Goths, punks, etc. ravery Hair, tattoos, piercings, theme music and other attributes are present.
Amateur - Amateur home video
Anal, anal sex intercourse using the anus
Asian - videos featuring girls only Asian appearance
Big Boobs - a video featuring girls with large Breasts
Black videos with only black or African American performers
Celebrity videos celebrity
Classic video (filmed before 1990)
Creampie ejaculation in the vagina or anus of the partner with the subsequent leakage of the products of ejaculation
Cum Swapping, Swap - sexual situation, when the sperm is passed from a mouth of one partner to another in her mouth
DAP - double anal penetration
Dildo - Dildo, defibrilla model erect penis.
DP - Double penetration — a kind of Threesome
Gangbang, Gangbang – sexual intercourse involving women and men, as a rule, more than three.
Interracial, interracial video, involving people of different races, ie with a different skin color
Latin - videos featuring only latinas or Spanish girls
Mature - video Mature, older or old women and men
MILF - videos featuring Mature "moms" and young "boys" (Mother I'd Like to Fuck or Mom I'd Like to Fuck)
Oral, BJ, blowjob - oral sex, a Blowjob (in the scene is only oral sex)
Orgy, Orgy group sex, but unlike Gangbang the ratio of partners of different sexes more evenly
POV – Gonzo sub-genre, shooting style from "first person", the actor himself holding a camera (Point Of View)
Reality video shot without a script, complete improvisation
Russian Girls - video, which involves girls from Russia and former USSR countries
Solo Masturbation video female Masturbation
Squirting, Squirt, squirt - female ejaculation
Straight – a traditional vaginal sex (in the scene may be a little foreplay with oral sex)
Teen, Young video Teens, Teens (18+)
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Default A

Age Play "game with the substitution of age." Roleplay in which one or both partners play the role of "senior" or "Junior" in the erotic scene.
Alt Porn - videos involving representatives of subcultures: Goths, punks, etc. ravery Hair, tattoos, piercings, theme music and other attributes are present.
Amateur - novice, non-professional models.
Anal Sex - sexual intercourse using the anus.
Animal Play (pet play) - game animals, role-playing game in which the partners take on the role of some animal, often a dog or horse. Such scenes have nothing to do with bestiality.
Anime is a Japanese video and pictures in a cartoon style (see also Hentai).
Ass-Butts - scene, in which special attention is paid to women's buttocks.
Assjob - bringing to orgasm buttocks.
Asian - video Asian women.
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Default B

Baby Play - play "in the child" (also "Infantilism" infantilism) is a roleplay in which one partner plays the role of a child. A special case of "Age" games (Age Play).
Babes - Babes with curvaceous, usually Mature.
Babyface - adult porn models that look underage.
Barely legal model who just turned 18 years old.
Bbw (Big Beautiful Women) - women who are overweight.
Bdsm - this bondage, and domination, and submission, and sadism and masochism (both individually and their combinations).
Bears - men with high hairiness.
Bi (bisexual) - video featuring bisexual; usually indicates the presence in the film, the bisexual scenes involving men, because female bisexuality has long been a part of the mainstream.
Big Budget big budget films.
Big tits - category obledenelaya women with large Breasts.
Bikini - girls in bikinis.
Bisexuality is bisexual.
Bizarre - extreme stage of perversion.
Black (Ebony) - blacks.
Blondes - blondes.
Blowjob - a Blowjob.
Body art(tatooing, piercing) - the actual tattoos and piercings.
Body Builders - gay muscular inflated.
Bondage - bondage, restriction of movement by ropes, belts, leather or even special costumes, like bags with lacing. usually made of leather or latex.
Bondage&Disciрline, Bondage and Discipline, DB - area BDSM, which includes actions aimed at limiting and disciplinary action (the imposition of restrictions,"educational" methods of punishment, fixation, bondage, bondage).
Boobs see Tits, Breasts.
Breasts (Tits), chest, large and small, silicon and natural, and teats (Nipples).
Brunettes - brunettes.
Bukkake - abundant group ejaculation on face and in mouth.
Butch is the opposite of shemale, girls/women with a masculine face. Accordingly, scenes are always 100% lesbian.
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Default C

Cameltoe fetishist, associated with the shapes of the external female genitalia (the labia majora), with the use of tight clothes.
Cartoon pictures of cartoon characters having sex.
CBT - (Cock and Ball Torture) "torture" of the male genitalia (rings, piercings).
Celebrity (Celeb, Celebrities) video with celebrities.
CFNM (clothed female nude male) - naked man Masturbates on
clad women or strippers.
Cheerleaders videos of girls in clothes "support groups, mass events".
Classic video (movies and scenes shot before 1990).
Close ups - the image of genitalia in close-up.
Cosplay - costume play - costume movies, themed video with disguises.
Couples video that can be recommended for couples.
Cunnilingus - Cunnilingus form of oral sex, sexual arousal women by stimulation of the clitoris and vulva lips, tongue, or teeth.
Cum shots - ejaculation scenes on the partner.
Cum swapping - variety of games with sperm. Girls poured each other's sperm from his mouth into his mouth. Usually ends up swallowing the "by-product".
Creampie (Internal cumshot) - ejaculation inside
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Default D

Dildo - Dildo, defibrilla model erect penis.
Other names - strapon, anal stimulator vibrator.
Double Penetration - Double penetration — a kind of Threesome. Is divided into
DP - the standard double penetration - one dick in vlagalishe, one in the anus.
DAP - double anal penetration - two cocks in the anus.
DPP - double pussy penetration - two Dicks in the vagina.
TP - triple penetration - triple penetration (one cock in the vagina and one in anus, one in your mouth).
TAP - triple anal penetration triple anal penetration (Evidence! )
DPP+A - double pussy penetration + anal - two cock in vagina and one in anus.
DPP+O - double pussy penetration + oral - two members in the vagina and one in her mouth.
DAP+P - double anal penetration + pussy - two Dicks in the anus + the vagina.
DAP+O - double anal penetration + oral - two cocks in the ass one in the mouth.
Orgy - group sex, too, but in this case, the ratio of partners of different sexes more evenly. For example, 3+2, 4+4, etc. are Not to be confused with "Threesome" (group sex), when in the act of taking a same sex partner + two (1+2 term is called a threesome) and more partners of the opposite sex (if partners of the opposite sex 4+, it is already sunporno
Deep Throat (DT) is a type of Blowjob in which the porn actress completely puts cock in her mouth, using his throat.
Dogging - sex in public places in front of other people.
Doggystyle - pose of "cancer".
Domination - a kind of masochism in which one partner plays the role of "slave", the other, respectively, of the host.
Drilled - very hard sex.
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Default E

Ebony - see Black
Electric Play game with electricity BDSM scene with the use of body-safe electric shocks. Typically, such exposure causes pleasure or excitement from the partner. In our country, to resort to this method should not be, because it is difficult to acquire specially designed for this instrument (available only abroad).
Enema - enema.
Erotic - Softcore, see
Ethnic - national basis (e.g. Russia, India, Syria)
Exhibition (Exhibitionism) - demonstration of the naked body and genitals in public
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Default F

Facial scenes with Facials.
FAT - BBW, see
Feet (Foot) fetish, the object of which is the lower part of the legs (feet, toes, shins), subcategories: boots, kneehigh boots, thighhigh boots, high heels
Felching is one of the types of sexual practices, whereby after intercourse (vaginal or anal) the man sucks the sperm along with secretions (feces, grease). Felching can end with a kiss, in which man passes his partner the contents of the oral cavity.
Fem dom (Female domination) - the dominance of women
Fetish — various fetishes are usually traditional orientation, that is, the entities are still man and woman, but the object of passion is a specific part of the body, or garment, or a specific action. Breasts, Legs, Bdsm, Smothering, etc.
Fingering - fisting see
Fisting - inserting a hand in the genitals. Distinguish between vaginal and anal Fisting (anal Fisting may be gay)
Flashing - a short demonstration of external sexual characteristics
Foot, see Feet
Footfetish - kind of fetishism, where the fetish object are the legs
Footjob - bringing to orgasm with feet
Foursome, see Group sex
Freak(s) - movies and scenes featuring actors with deviant appearance or behavior.
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Default G

Gang Bang - Group sex see
GAG - tougher DT. The girl literally force drill member "on the tonsils". All this, as a rule, is accompanied by a rich slesa-, nozzle -, and drooling at the girl.
Gay (homosexual) homosexual video.
Gape, Gaping, the extension genitals (usually the anus).
Girl/girl (lesbian) is a lesbian video, involving only women.
Glamour - artistic and professional photography, highlighting the beauty, perfection and aesthetics of the female body
Gloryhole scene in which a porn actor is hidden behind any wall and is visible only to its member.
Gonzo is shot, which presents the feelings of the operator, and in which the camera is a participant in the scene; the person with the camera doesn't have to participate in sex, although often it does.
Gothic fetish art advanced.
Group sex - group sex. Distinguish between "Gang Bang" — a lot of men (three and above) and one woman (if women two, the number of men doubles); "Threesome" — a combination of two to one (two men to one woman and Vice versa); "Foursome" — so three to one. It is also found FFM(female+female+male), MMF, FFMM, FFFM.
Gush - see Squirt
Gyno - everything related to gynecology.
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Default H

Haircuming - semyaizverzhenie on the hair.
Hairy - women with abundant vegetation on the genitals.
Handjob - "handmade" - bringing to orgasm with application of hands exclusively.
Hardcore - analogue of the domestic concept of "hard porn".
Hentai is a genre of Japanese picture and videos on pornography.
Hidden Camera - the "hidden" camera.
Hymen - the hymen.
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porn genres

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