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Exclamation Pornography: history, classification, value

Cotton ordinary people hear the pornography,they are hesitant, because looking at her own location. They are not to talk about it,blush and look away,and they say if it is anything certain could not tell. What to see can be said about porn,especially if it's in one of the comfortable life?
But,it turns out, you can. It is impossible to be an educated person,if you don't know porneclaration and exchange of pornography here, historical retrospective, do not worry about"deep"to say.

Porn history of

French Chronicles, the author of the Nicolas Retif de La Bretonne, of the majority of the French light concern, and only he is meticulous in the depiction of the lives of ordinary people in the"released Pornographer,or a reflection of a decent man for the immorality of prostitution." Imagine what a deep research real decent man Nicolas before writing this. The essence of the research aspects of human life in a healthy society, often obscene and immoral.

Nicola clearly such a person itself and no category theory as the basis of Rousseau's direct democracy, as well as the prediction of a universal corruption, which means that, and all description. Thereafter, any image or description of nezavualirovannoe organ of behavior is known as pornography. In honor of the famous fundamental work, de La Bretonne.


But, of course, considered the founder and writer, will is naive. This phenomenon of pornography is as old as the things, like say, art. Judge for yourself: even if the obscene language for all languages of the world is directly related to genital intercourse, how can you like this theme and the action behind the rest? Ancient Roman murals, ancient Peruvian ceramics and filled with a variety of Light(now quality did not rise)but also have a naughty side though. But the Ancients do not take offense—this goal is not pursued: decorated with ancient erotic frescoes, household items and luxury clothing decorated the interior of a wealthy family, is a customized design, the price is expensive and the special distribution of the no.

This same scenario has evolved to a status approximately and horny Asian: China as the writings of the magnificent and книгописцы типографы монархического took money (high cost, material + is a laborious job), they served carved a pornographic status indicator is the owner. The situation is not that much material, how spiritual: during the reign of Han Dynasty (the first two hundred years, m. o.) the person considered to be low gain and, as a result, low education, maybe непристойностей plunged in a deep shock seeing the image. Well, this is lucky, what were this picture boasted everywhere, his nerves of steel.

Anyway, the wizard spread more of a way for humanity to be seen, had begun, and porn. Exception — in the Middle Ages, the period of religious ignorance. So, just medieval European, Asian old I had a situation: to continue with there success print and distribute pornographic prints, sculptures, and other aesthetic products. Old East Europe caught up with the progressive in this regard, only XV. century. With rumors of revival and porn, instead of polite service to the ideals of total debauchery an idea for a beautiful lady, this is such a long abstinence.

Pietro Aretino giving outstanding especially XVI. the consumption pressures of the century "Argentino Posture" for a long time was considered as a benchmark of classic debauchery. Dedicated to text, an extremely hassle-free experience and that becomes the author's love of his friends consisted of sixteen "Sensual сонетов" and two directories are not searched for header files poems, each one a separate rituals was telling me about posture, the proper posture, which showed проиллюстрированной гравюрой or ancient gods, or a local prostitute.

Efforts, churches and other activists, almost all print was destroyed, the grandchildren came like staccato, Yes, pirated copies, today, a lot has happened (insert your favorite position every time I tried there).

The famous "Декамерон" Боккаччо прона wore a proud and noble rank for a long time: now, of course, no one not already Бокаччо masturbation, female students also филфака. Then rides it was a big mistake "Декамерон" Бокаччо actually says rather more about love in the form порнографическому эротическому despite the abundance of material in the text even sexual themes. Say, over time Asian gravure (распространявшихся, wider, and all the energetic mass просвещающих) Geisha octopi already been fucked.

Progress place is the emergence of photography heralded an era of Porn. Almost immediately after this event for Nude photos in prostitution, and Cinematography at the porn industry and tools to implement and ideas to promote.

Amateur and professional porn is not the best quality shot, mainly Germany, France, Central and South America. The U.S. Project Director to provide regular studios, such as their industry, porn was absolutely legal. Moreover, the world distribution of black and white(music)movies of erotic and porn.

What happened next the question is purely economical. First, a large number of jobs the company Directors, subject Directors, cameramen, actors began to receive the salary and Fees of Studio, printing becomes richer and more popular with the loggers and paper companies have benefited from this.

National budget starting into personalului. Was the industry, femdom, and the global economy. Car pornography underground was simply not permissible from a rational perspective payment even if they are not careful, you can not support development at all levels. First Europe, then U.S. the rapid rise of the porn industry, sexual revolution generation has cemented its position. West development. How?

Pornography is a symptom of another criminal law. Of course she attended was imported inappropriate shot of the home(street)conditions, the effects of the presence of the vulgar. On that day, Soviet porn was a very transformation, and content distribution, and technical conditions. Here, for example, the method of distribution is"Dam"(Soviet Union, such as the occupation). Good station, stop, unzips his cloak, and silently draw out the banned cards in the photos. And we have to buy or not to buy counterfeit. Also, hand-printed playing cards with naked ladies (no names). This delivery of this deck throughout the Union of---scary to imagine.

But perestroika began, and started to shoot Balabanov other craftsmen, Russian rock Vogue, friends of life, life has become merrier! Porn Russia-CIS countries imports, tons, spread the video store, branch (for major cities towards the end of the 90s, and at the same time, sushi), a small Theatre, the Western experience, please note) The movie"taxi driver"Hero of God, regularly visit this theater not to be ashamed. The number of magazines, film studios, printing offices and employees of the porn industry, philosophy of education, the first zero of the military security trampled with dirty boots, the memory of our children(meaning.

In the era of Internet. The Internet is a wonderful place to find everything you want . Number of Porn resources of major film companies have become giants of the porn industry and all clones that appeared in the new portal, and good. This, coincidentally, is currently the most interesting in the history of pron. To understand today's world of pornography is a major achievement and. Think you can do it without. Start Google porn to.

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Default Classification of pornography

Classification of pornography

Therefore, the Internet has entered our everyday life and now almost all of the cases in the porn industry, in addition to improving the quality(the emergence of HD and Blu-Ray)and the demise of the interest in print products has not changed. Simple provide consumers with the first:
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Default Laguepie, soft porn light porn or soft erotic movies pornography

1. Laguepie, soft porn light porn or soft erotic movies pornography

This is film and photography, usually with some degree of simple plot. Say for example weddings, funerals, Bank robbery, fare evasion, payment of the debt, hiring and firing, the plane crashed, and shared a room in the hostel—typical situation of the inhabitants, he had no objection to complete sexual intercourse, but because of its hardness and inferiority complex can do, he can only watch and jerk off.

Usually the new movies of this type appear in the following world class events: the Olympic Games in Sochi, war in Ukraine, the release of"avatar"and repeat the circumstances of the event. In such paintings, in principle, despite the fact that most of the story is a Sex Scene, is not displayed image as the main sexual characteristics(penis and vagina), so they start at a wide range of each hiring and displayed on the Satellite Channels after twelve.

In most cases it is a boring Poison, but, of course, and the value of the case, has become a typical—is with the French"Emmanuelle", which is from 1974, the English"Alicein Wonderland"in 1976, it received the same R rating, and commissioned, although circumcised, in large hire. Many publications, such as, for example,"Playboy"and"Maxim"to work in this style, allowing them to obtain the desired evaluation and dissemination to the public. In short, we can say that soft porn is the most common and socially acceptable style of pornography, which is closely bordering on erotica.
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Default In fact porn, and regular porn—the gold standard of pornography

2. In fact porn, and regular porn—the gold standard of pornography

The plot in it is much less than in the first version, and is often limited to a few phrases, or internal, which is shooting.

For cable this is not a show, has in all countries over the age of 18 evaluations, through publications, CD-ROMs, Internet and satellite pay channels. This is the porn 90%of the demonstration of the genital organs, and the process of mating the Poles less more partners.

The most popular of periodicals, roughly speaking, the latest edition in our days, this is usually left visible is a"liar". Great movie"I am with Larry Flint's"description of a struggle by creating this magazine, on the moral and immature of the other person. And this fight seems to be now is completely pointless: the classic porn is the same, today an integral part of the media news and"evening Urgant".

In this format also applies to the benefit of claiming the likes of many celebrities(celebritysex-tape):Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, tila tequila, and even Nikita Dzhigurda. In this work many of the leadership style of pornography, such as"X-technology", in order to eliminate the full and quiet porn. This confirms the social adaptation of this intimate material.
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3. Hardporno, hardcore—hard porno

100% made in the process of the cross and the demonstration of the genital organs of one, two and multiple partners. Some of the author's where to go: flowing faction, you can extract any sexual perversion(in addition to the following paragraph), in any angle and way, with any number of people and any place.

Most of the pirates pornresource spetsializiruyutsya it is in this content, because it attracts a large number of viewers of Porn are not prepared to pay. "Passionate handjob","XXX-girls"—the name of the movie Studio, familiar to us from childhood, in this type. Regularly, new ideas, the development of the Conference and the alien, the robot, through the glass or from inside-in short, all the delights of the Director. This style is the most antisocial of the existing law.
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4. Illegal porn

This type of pornography is punishable by law in most of the world countries, shoot it down, and even Interpol. It includes sex with those under 18 years of age, the animal's body. If the first version can still be found in the vast public Internet(you never know how old the girl in front of the camera), and then the second two options you can find and see just in the portal is opened using the browser TOR. For the overall development, of course.

In addition to the segmentation of the rating allowed, pornography is still a lot of what is shared. We are interested in the classification of pornography, because they give a very clear picture of not only the existing interests of the collective image of the modern Manager, he had no objection to in the evening-spicy, but the sexual orientation of almost all members of the human race.
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Default The game porn

The game

European, African-American, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern and mixed race is difficult to determine. In addition, of course, is present and very popular(due to the tolerance of the values of modernity), but also interracial pornography.

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Default Sexual orientation

Sexual orientation

1. Heterosexual (man-woman)

2. Gay man-a man

a. Gay (standard)

b. Twink (big daddy and smooth black boy)

c. Bear (large fat hairy men)

d. Yaoi — гейский hentai for women

e. Bara — гейский hentai for men

3. Gay woman-a woman

a. Lesbian — made by men for men

b. Lesbian pornography made for woman made by women for women

c. Yuri — lesbian hentai

4. Mixed

a. Bisexual — a woman and two men, each of which jumps other

b. Bukkake — more than ten men and one woman, and end up with all the necessary in person. This particular type of pornography was very popular in Japan after the Second World War. We present and draw conclusions...

c. Threesome — a man and two women (suitable for heterosexual men, of course)

d. Gang-Bang — too many men and a woman or a man

e. Reversegang-bang — too many women and a man

f. Group Sex — group sex a lot of men and women, every one of the participants jumps other

5. Транссексуальная:

a. Transman sex between two men who once were women. The famous actor of that kind — Buck Angel (original Tank from the first part of the "Kill Bill")

b. Transsexual — sex creatures who have female breasts, but male genitalia is also present

c. Transgender — with the mind to be sufficient sex men and women, only one of them is definitely not the one issue

d. Hermaphrodite — sex those born between two floors. The lack of a large number of their representatives in the порноиндустрии, it is more common in the form of хентая

e. Futanari — hentai, in which women have a penis


Amateur (amateur or amateur).

Celebrity Sex Tape (reason for this was above is a an amateur sex video of celebrities).

Exhibitionist (sex in public).

Gonzo (camera in hand of one of the partners, the title shall be the Hunter s. Thompson — creator of best in the world for the kind of journalism has nothing to do with porn).

Upskirt (the essence of the video — bullying skirts and t-shirts to the public).

Hidden Camera (when the camera hidden in the room, and the partners don't know or pretend not to know).

Gloryhole — video within the context of a slit or keyhole.

The specificity of the sexual act

1. Anal

a. Classic anal with the use of, such as the penis, dildo or anything

b. ATM (Ass-To-Month) — anal sex, gradually transformed into one of the mouth. The funny thing is that such a transformation can be harmful to the health of the owner of the mouth

c. In a well — the camera focuses on external anus immediately after removal from the penis or a vibrator

d. Pegging — a very popular genre of porn in which a woman fucks man страпоном

e. Wanna porn, with an emphasis on аннилингус

2. Other

a. Double penetration — double penetration in a woman, in which they are used at the same time pussy and anal. Attentive readers immediately отметят that double penetration is possible only in the package with bisexual. So made by the professionals of the porn.

b. Fisting — use during sexual contact of the hands or feet

c. Oral sex — oral sex, oral, or cunnilingus, respectively

d. Solo — porn, the action of which masturbation

e. Insertion — the same Solo, but by using various everyday objects

Sexual perversions


a. Bondage — download sexual intercourse with all kinds of accommodation partner

b. BDSM — triple abbreviation: бондаж/punishment, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism. See it in HD as possible in the standby Sex and Submission.

c. Femdom — scenes of BDSM, in which the position of a slave takes a wife

d. Japanese rope bondage picture sex in stands that appear to be insufficient and uncomfortable for your partner

e. Rough sex — display in sexual contact with хватанием for your hair, blows in the face, and the way easy садизмом

f. Rape — simulated rape

g. Spanking/painting whipping — download шлепков in the ass

h. Facesitting porn, in which one partner while sitting on the face of the other. Thanks to new technologies you can find unusual angles and my balls.

i. Snuff — porn with a simulation of death, before or after sexual intercourse, it doesn't matter

j. Gore — japanese pornography, изобилующая the blood, the pain and the violence

2. Bodily Functions (porn use what he has given our bodies nature)

a. Menstrual — making sex during the menstruation

b. Scat — копрофилия, classics of the genre — brazil "2girls 1 cups" of 2007. The author, while he studied at the school and repeatedly seen this movie in the mobile phones of his classmates, is the popular use.

c. Milking — was filmed on camera the process of breastfeeding (any)

d. Watersports — use and when the shooting of the urine, the "golden rain"

e. Emetophilia — pornography involving vomiting and vomiting masses, it is more common in combination with the Oral

f. Preggo — making sex with pregnant women

g. Squirt — download female ejaculation, the so-called "inkjet orgasm". The network is filled with spores for the reality of this phenomenon, although it has been documented so far

h. Saliva — harmless kind of fetish, object of lust in this case is the saliva

i. Cum-shot — probably the most popular in the area of the former soviet union is a kind of fetish porn, is a series of successful men's ejaculations

j. Crying — one of the partners (or both, but this is rare) to cry. Not to be confused with the Rape, because to cry maybe happiness

3. Other (other)

a. Bareback — porn that presents sex without a condom

b. Bestialy — inherently bestiality, in most countries it is illegal ...

c. Boot — partners (usually women) is not removed during the sexual act shoes

d. Clothed female, naked male — a woman dressed as a man you are

e. Creampli — ejaculation happens right on the gulf

f. Crush — during the sexual act, but not limited to destroyed inside

g. Cuckoldfetish — during the sexual act there is an actor who plays the husband and main character

h. Cumswapping — partner time and revealing a "taste" of semen in the mouth on camera

i. Diaper — one of the partners (or both, or some, or all) wear diapers

j. Dwarfsormidget — pornography, the shooting of which involved the dwarves or dwarfs

mr. Footfetish porn, the emphasis of which is provided with legs. Thanks to the movies of Quentin production of tarantino, this kind of fetishism is the noble color

l. Felching — эякулированная in the anus or the vagina, the semen should be drunk directly from there

m. Yiff — a funny kind of porn, the members of which антропоморфно illustrated animals. Полулегален, as they are often more eroticism from pornography

n. Brothers — the act of sexual actors, it depicts the brother and sister (the two brothers/two sisters), that it is clear from the context

o. Jerk off instruction — during the sexual act of a third party sees it and plays normally, and at the end attached to a universal orgasm. The kind aims to enhance the communication of the viewer and the game shows, which once again proves the inclusion of certain pornographic movies артхаусному direction film

p. Point-of-View — even a step, сближающий viewer with the main characters: a camera installed in one of the partners. With the advent of the Pro-camera of their dreams fans of the genre to become a reality

q. Smoking — during the sexual act of partners (partners) smoking cigarette, cigar or джойнты

r. Homogeneous — factors of the coated

s. Cotton girl's pantyhose/Tights/Stocking — partner (usually a woman) wears tights, stockings or socks

t. Bra — one of the partners (usually a woman) wearing a bra

u. Cheerleader — when shooting used images черлидерш or черлидерская paraphernalia (modern dancing girls-the cheerleaders in sports matches)

v. Arcane/Occult — the atmosphere of the film in the occult-mystical

w. Jail/Prison/Police — action of the film unfolds in a prison or in a police station

x. Medical — action of the movie takes place in a medical institution or one of the partners is dressed up like a doctor/nurse

y. Enema — one of the partners puts another enema

z. Teacher/Student/Boss/Secretary, — when the shoot used images of teachers, students, supervisors or secretaries, and the atmosphere of work or study

aa. Tentacleerotica — erotic films with the participation of monsters, насилующих women or men.

Dance actors

BBW (big. lWoman — involved women who are obese).

Big breast women in non-normal with large tits (natural origin or implant — does not matter).

Big dick men with abnormal big dick (of natural origin or implant — does not matter).

Big butt (Bi gass) women abnormally large buttocks (often found in conjunction with anal).

Camelote women with abnormal labia or clitoris.

There is also a classification component sub-cultures of Porn: sex between a tattoo partners, rockers, punks, emo, goth, bikers, hippies and hipsters.
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Default Is animated pornography (hentai)

Other classifications

Is animated pornography (hentai).

Interactive pornography, allowing the viewer to choose the poses of the actors (among several options).

Classic (filmed in the seventies and eighties).

Full feature — full movie not a long story.

Pics cynical pictures spoof popular movies or TV programs.

Japanese adult video pretentious Japanese pornography.

Vintage erotica — old school pornography (before 1970), most often images.

Women porn feminist pornography made by women for women.


Here, perhaps, and all the rest of the classification in the presence of these can be considered legitimate. Take a look at this again — it is no secret list of human interests, feelings, cockroaches and pens? A variety of abnormality of sexual sexual arousal lies in talk normal-the Director of one project star others in a very humane, but they are all in a row. In fact, the laws of any country (except China and North Korea) does not prevent the removal of all of the above cases, distribution, because of employment restrictions among children (United States). But let's think of where this issue of homosexuality, where does it come from the United States, healthy at first glance, people?
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Default The value of pornography

The value of pornography

Natural law, on which this concept is to create how you can "comment" on the human personality, the part that is responsible for your sex life? Of course not absolute in this regard is not all that is said is said And he will drop the majority opinion, which is equivalent to the concept of law.

So sexual next or in the language of Medicine, normoyle what time frame described this concept? That sex is normal and must travel three worlds: the ethical (in relation to the health of the socio-cultural values) statistic (the compliance that occurs in the selected company) and physiological (according to the needs and desires of the individual).

The idea requires thinking. So, for example, groups of two homosexuals in the ancient world — rather than the rule, although the first and second. The same at any point in human history. It turns out just to have sex with the opposite sex can be normal as soon as he meets the second point. But at the same time as evidenced by the previous parts of the text, not only does not end, moreover, begins.

Sexual intercourse between two adults of the opposite sex in the middle of the Red Square is not a rule, because it does not comply with the first paragraph. The same sentence in a certain period in the history of Ancient Egypt — the general rule of sex took place in that era and not in conflict with socio-cultural values of designers.

In all the time. And at any time of the day or at least in the last decade — tried formulation of ray Blanchard: normoyle, in addition to the traditional sex, oral sex, cunnilingus, sex, anal (penetration with fingers, dildo, or directly, but not anal), cross-fingering and kissing. Everything else is outside the scope of the moral foundations that underpin modern society and not an attribute of the majority.

Ray Blanchard

Everything else is the so-called sexual deviancy or sexual deviancy. The terms "homosexual" and "pervert" — is incorrect because the illness of sexual deviance in most cases.

To such conclusion scientists only recently, in the early twentieth century tried to cure homosexuality with hypnosis, of course, all to no avail. After the disappointments of the medical community has come to the conclusion about the absence of a painful element in sexual deviancy and I tried to put some standards from the base and bends.

But this approach immediately criticized. Rightly noted sexologist Charles Moser: absolutely clear, on the basis of the proposed time standards are a normal woman with a larger chest, and why is anal penetration with an enema is recognized by the paraphilia, while the penetration of other elements. — no.

In addition to this point by sexologist you know the whole sexual harassment that existed at the time of the fifth rankings of diseases (ICD-5): for example, the assertion that traditional sex with the dominant male normoyle, sex with a dominant woman is a paraphilia and a manifestation of male masochism, seemed controversial. Of course, actively developing in those years, the feminist movement by supporting gender equality in all areas. This questioned was the definition of consent to sexual intercourse is not entirely clear whether this factor medical or legal.

A psychologist from Canada Vernon Kuenzi put forward the theory that rape of women and dominant men without any tenderness — standard at all, as it is entirely consistent with male reproductive strategy (producing the largest possible number of offspring from the largest possible number of women), developed by evolution.

Russian psychologist Michael Balkin know in the work that the hallmark of a healthy sexual relationship is the presence of love. But it does not describe and does not happen from this idea, believing, perhaps, that this is not necessary. In one of his answers on the medical Forum, is that responsible patient:

"The main thing is gaining the ability to love. This is a purely human feeling is able to convert PARAPHILIA in a harmless phenomenon — coup".

But, anyway, some of the definitions and debates around them, it does not end there, in the General case, the inverted fault—it happened, you know. Sometimes, incidentally, can be acquired. Where is the line between passion, some of the new things in sexuality and paraphilia, a painful deviation from the norm?

Again, the Russian sexologist Perekhov believe that this distinction is based on. For example, if a person is like addicted to manure addiction and he occasionally licked the feces from the abdomen of his partner, not an obstacle, but if he can't do without this is a reverse fault. Of course, the definition of this logical, at first glance, the second and third is very controversial. Therefore, in order to determine what your sex life is suffering attacks, are held together all the theory and presented the following papers:

1. Repeating the analysis of experience of at least six months. In the past six months to grab the watch hard triple anal porn? Everything is clear!

2. The completion of the exception action to bring the moral or social suffering(feeling like a freak, or that the work is fired up Gay porn on your computer)

3. There are no signs of other mental disorders. This is very important: if you are basically paranoid for any reason and when the antidepressants, there is nothing surprising.

4. The root cause of the deviation is not the abuse of alcohol and/or drugs. Breathing in unison—in a brutal blueprint, or the journey can be everything. The main thing—to get up early to go.

Anyway, how, when and with whom—now I know. But the problem is more than that. Why? —This is the main problem. Where does it come from the US?

In trying to answer the question about the source of the deviation of the sexual act should be applied to the concept of sexual identity is the combination of the sex(giving God)and gender(obtained at puberty).

Genetic and prenatal factors(chromosomal, etc.) Affect the formation of the biological, we are not interested in, but post-Natal development will be provided to the answers to many questions. John Mani suppose thermoplastic gender identity: in fact, said the impact of postnatal factors(social, for example)is so high, girls can be raised as a boy, and Vice versa. He even conducted an experiment, thundered at the end of the century, the entire world: poor David Murray, who lost in the born, one of the members, proposed to a girl under the guidance of a Professor.

It all ended very badly: by the age of ten, David began to stable behavior as a boy(to play with cars and guns)and the prevailing climate, from creative industries to the development of artificial vagina to refuse. When the Father reveals to the boy the awful truth, his indignation knew no bounds--three suicide attempts drove to the accident in a coma. After that, he resigned to his fate, got married, and even adopted three children, but after the next depression let-a bullet in the forehead. This proves that John Mani all of us, no plastic gender identity does not exist, in 100% of cases everything is pre-determined, even before birth.

Today, 13%(26.5 million)Web sites with pornography and 70%of Internet users viewing porn sites at least once a month. You can watch any porn, it fully meets the three factors, to ensure the normal sex life: it blends harmoniously with the modern socio-cultural value, which makes the vast majority of which meet the needs of specific individuals.

Rich porn to satisfy every taste, offers, on the one hand, limiting factors, constraints and smoothing of the innate human tendency, and in other development customers to provide new.

Therefore, have a common social acceptance and harmony with all manifestations of human sexuality. Not, of course, copra is a full plate, but this does not mean that, if a person is passionate about it, it is absolutely crazy. He was crazy, of course, but he fell wrong not to interfere with his socialization, which means, that everything is in order.
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