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Default My first group sex

My first group sex

A vacation for five years of work in the new society, forever changed my perception has drastically changed my life. I'm not planning on going anywhere, but the head is almost forcibly sat me down in the plane, and explained:

– Go, Go, Go to rest, the sea will do you good. Not at your day and night to hang at work. Look how nervous the employee became attentive...

Doesn't mean I'm angry. I want to lie on the beach of the Red Sea, to sunbathe and read six months ago and started a novel, but thoughts of work doesn't come from the head. During the flight I was so tempted to turn on the phone, email or continue to work on the project.

When we landed in Sharm El Sheikh, I got off the plane and gasped: the weather was amazing, to stand the heat outside after a harsh Moscow winter moving is especially strong.

I took a cab, got to the hotel, changed quickly and walked down the hall. I desperately wanted to explore the city, and then go to the beach. Employees, colleagues, friends, everything seemed so distant, like in Moscow itself, and with foul weather.

Mechanically checked in the hallway of the hotel, I'm ready to leave the hotel. Suddenly his eyes met an attractive man. Quickly survey him from head to toe, these few seconds was enough for me to want him with brown eyes brunette 35 years old, tall and thin. Great white shirt enhanced his tan, leaving open changed hands. Although the bronze color, I came to the conclusion that he's European. Or maybe Russia?

The stranger gave me a lazy glance, then brightened. Slowly, I looked at my chest, then my legs, and then again looked me straight in the eye. I don't know what to do, so just stood and waited. The beach is no longer wanted. The nipples stiffened and became very sensitive. I remember that. I wasn't wearing a bra a little embarrassed.

The man slowly, not taking his eyes turn in my direction. Staying three feet away from me, he spoke:

– Hello! Time to rest here? How do you like the city?

In surprise I blinked a few times, and then stared at him, I don't know what to say. Yes, exactly Russian! Very nice and polite, Russian. Collecting his thoughts, and gasped:

Well... I just came. An hour ago I finished the plane.

– So, to give you a personal tour. – my duty.

To argue there was nothing, and I didn't want. The man turned around and walked to the door. I just have to follow the same trip was really successful! We toured the city, went to the beach, and I had a couple cocktails. I was pleasantly surprised, after a conversation with Maxime (the name of my new friend). It turned out that he was a Muscovite, not married. And we worked in the same field. I learned that the sea is together with friends – two Muscovites.

The heat was terrible, I got a little carried away Mojito. His head turned a little (I drink very rarely). I'm calm, and the man looks even more attractive.

We went back to the hotel, charming, invited me to drink a glass of champagne in your room:

– Don't be afraid, come on. The guys still have to wash. Sit down, talk.

I admit, I agree with pleasure. I haven't had the means not only to communicate... Yes, I'm going to have sex with him.

We drank more wine. I think charming attention to my opinions and understand what I expect. I really wanted this man.I haven't had sex because I was willing myself to climb him to kiss. Moreover, the wine, the atmosphere was positive.

I was a little wobbly on a lovely chair, sat on his knees. We started kissing, he stroked my chest, then my legs and thighs.

He pulled my dress, slipped my hand into her panties. They were already wet. I suddenly realized that all this time was excited.

Groan, I stood up and quickly pulled the dress and panties, a lovely, slim body. He looked longingly at me.

Kneeling down, unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. It was huge and very solid. Shake your lips on it, I took it in my mouth and started sucking on it.

Maxim was not able long to hold back. Quickly rising from the Chair, he sat me down at the table, bent down, and sharply put the dick to its full length. I cried. The feeling was magical.

The sex was in full swing, I moaned out loud and was already on the verge of an orgasm when the door slammed shut in the hallway and I heard voices. So, two men came into the room and stared at us. We stayed at home.

I wanted to get out quickly to get dressed, but charming was holding me, not letting go.

– IR you don't mind to join?

– What-what-what?

– You'll love it. Relax...

However, the desire to relax I was not. Charming, holding my hips, he continued to fuck my pussy while the men, meanwhile, already dressed. I was in a state of shock! How do you guys "join"? Group sex??? For me it was something so far. Is that the porn was removed.

But now it was all real. I was going to fuck three guys!

– Lovely, isn't it... please.

Shut the fuck up! Did you know where, why I'm going. So, enjoy.

I understand that I won't let you. One of the men, a blond, put me on his knees, put his cock in her mouth and ordered to suck. I obey. I was really scared.

Another stranger started to caress my breasts, then pussy. He himself didn't notice it, I was excited again.

– See how it flows," said charming. – And even anger.

The men picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. I was lying on the bed, the blonde began to develop my ass.

Well, like it? Now we're at the same time.

I didn't say anything, because he's a little offended by that Cavalier attitude. I once had anal sex, I even liked it. However, I was terrified by the thought of two penises in me. But then I was distracted from the thoughts as he joined charming.

Lying on the bed, he sat me down on my back, forcing him to move. The blond fell back, planting his large, but less charming., fuck in the ass.

Yeah, I loved it. Soon, we're all, literally, flying away from the fun. We fucked an hour and a half, I'm tired of counting your orgasms. When people are tired, they came in her mouth.

It wasn't our only meeting in this format. Next week we meet every day. I went to the beach, clubs and restaurants. And every evening ends the same way beautiful.

The men then left, and the rest of the vacation I spent pretty boring. I can't wait to get back to Moscow, where I'm waiting for charming...
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