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Wink Afternoon oral minet

Afternoon oral
It happened the summer of my office romance. It all started rather tasteless and dry social communication. Network. So as a company we are very large and of the best virtual Dating,we met with him a few times and close to each other did not know. We said time is short and usually occurs,and eventually,the conversation to slip into.

The word that was revealed and she loves to say that he knows how to do. And does not love because she likes the taste of cock or the taste of semen,and the sweet feeling when a person of power. I became very interested because all the girls I met and with whom he intimacy oral was, of course, for the most part, but I think the reason is obvious to give pleasure.

For example,I love to eat a woman for selfish reasons,at home I taste and smell of the pure female buds. That sweet inner and outer lips on her clitoris slide your tongue on them,suck. To see a woman writhing with pleasure underneath. I have a wonderful feel excited and happy at the same time. So here's my new friend,I think,like oral for about the same reason. Of course I for her about. Said,that as too many explosion I saw is not surprising. And immediately an offer difficult to refuse. To avoid the brand the coward retreat I anything I of course. Agreed to test her home with wonderful oral pleasure you will never forget. Eventually we agreed that she is my office during lunch time. Before lunch time, yet there was a time,but nevertheless the conversation as it subsided he did not write and I not so surprise new wet not to have one.

After about half hour of lunch time,the door opens and the Office looked. And around,I became convinced that except me no one is in it,sliding quietly close the door and set the key you are trapped in. Was, I want to say something that it does not remember,but there's something clever because heart palpitations,but she was already next to me, pressing her finger to my lips, as if ordering him to keep silence. I get up from the chair and quickly clear the belt and fly. On snatching my trousers,she pushed me back on the Chair. So I was sitting without standing member,and she was sitting on his haunches,looked at him,tracing a finger on the head,the stem and the testicles as if to study. My friend started to shake a little and impatience in unison with him,she saw a slight smile and his beautiful mouth,belly towards my cock and held the tip of his tongue from the testicular brand.

Sweat slowly repeat again. I made dick,she slightly pulled out and smeared that sticky, slippery drop. Apparently so drawn to this shiny surface without thinking,she raised her head clasped lips and began to move my tongue to the circumference. The first one way of the other and gradually plunged my cock deep. Immersed when it was not,and her hand to Massage the testicles,gradually freed from my friend to grab his mouth.

I was so good I forgot to think about passing in the corridor people,the S at the beginning of this work. Meanwhile,her movements were accelerated, then slowed down, making me almost approaching the point of no return,to blow off steam and return to its original state. These changes that she give me five minutes and then she realized.....And,so that my head is itching,scrotum got, and I realized that now all of their ammunition. I in my arms, her head on his,but her hands from his castle to the left. She apparently looked into my eyes and realized I was on the verge of start beautiful my pen wet with her saliva cock, bringing it to priotkryta. Began including preparation,the first few most powerful shot I have right on her sweet lips,pearls of liquid within the sperm starts to flow her chin, without interfering with the movement with the fingers of the hand she quickly selected semen in her and send her in. And his mouth on my dick continued shooting.

She sucked a drop of my she sat with my cock in your mouth. But she is,unfortunately,in liked me licking his lips with a handkerchief to wipe his chin,once again heard me from the chair and pulled the pants all the button coffee. Open the door and tentatively looked out,walked away.
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